The Brides of Saturn

A true bride of January, Vanessa thrived on the strength of her ambitions. Even her most secret dream to marry into nobility was suddenly within her grasp when handsome Lord Edward Norville fell madly in love with her.

But Edward’s proud ancestry was marred by an unearthly malignancy that was destined to twist her hopes and challenge her Saturnian endurance.

For, the instant she dared to marry him, the ancient family curse against the brides of Capricorn would be hungrily waiting to claim her as its fourth victim.

Resurrection of Evil!

Then the lights went out. She was helpless in the dank, cavernous wine cellar. Then suddenly from a distance she heard a low, gloating chuckle – a malevolent sound that sent her fears soaring!

Wheeling around she snapped her flashlight beam in the drection of the sound. To her utter shock, she saw the outline of a crouching figure in some sort of ragged robe. Then the beam leveled on the features of a gargoyle with a twisted mouth and glittering, insane eyes.

Vanessa screamed and stumbled into total blackness…….

Writen by W.E. Dan Ross. Published by Berkley Medallion Books December 1976.

The last in this months themed Gothics, Brides of Saturn is one in a series, published by Berkley, featuring a book for each sign of the zodiac.

Other titles in this series include:


TERROR OF THE TWIN By Dorothy Daniels


THE LION’S GATE By J. Alexander


BALANCE OF TERROR By Cynthia Van Hazinga


Stone of Blood

Stones of Blood on the Showboat of Death!

The cause of Sarah’s tradgedy remained a mystery for over a century. The Indian chieftan’s daughter, callously betrayed by her husband, was found dead near the place where her present-day namesake, the showboat Indian Princess, lay at anchor.

But if time didn’t unlock the riddle of her death, it also failed to banish her presence from the boat. Lonely ghost-like moans filtered up from the lower decks…there was an outbreak of of unexplained accidents.

And then Lyssa Du Champ, the new star singer, discovered the terrifying truth about her predecessor’s “suicide” and the bloodstone ornaments sported by the sinister men who ran the show!

Bloodstone – The March Birthstone

Mossy green flecked with red, protects its owner against treachery.

Written by Juanita Coulson. Published by Beagle Books. First printing March 1975. Cover art Charles Gehm.

Continuing from my last post (on the theme of themed gothics) Stone of Blood is the third in a series of novels, published by Ballentine Books, whose stories are based on birthstones.

The titles in this series are listed as:

1. The Ghost and the Garnet by Marilyn Ross

2. The Amethyst Tears by Marilyn Ross

3. Stone of Blood by Juanita Coulson

4. Dark Diamond by Diana Tower

5. The Shadow Over Emerald Castle by Marilyn Ross

6. The Moonstone Spirit by Jean DeWeese

7. Blood Ruby by Jan Alexander

8. The Carnelian Cat by Jean DeWeese

9. A Gleam of Sapphire by Diana Tower

10. Opal Legacy by Fortune Kent

11. A Topaz For My Fair Lady by Jane Toombs

12. Turquoise Talisman by Sharon Wagner

The cover art is pretty stunning and there is a signature to the bottom right of the picture but I can’t for the life of me decipher it. (Oh yes I can, it’s Charles Gehm)

Twilight Return

Stars Reincarnated

Beautiful Marge Trotter – with Cancerian impulsiveness and love for travel – accepts a summer job which takes her to the fabulous French Riviera and to Carcassonne, the place of her birth. There she becomes the focus of a bizarre contest – that involes Emilio Santori, a composer who has been dead for forty years.

Marge is told to unearth information about the notorious Santori. With her fascination for the occult, she is drawn into a series of tempestuous romantic encounters – and in a terrifyng climax discovers a love so wildly passionate that it reaches beyond the grave…

Twilight Return – An Astrological Gothic Novel for Cancer.

The Zodiac Gothic Series

An amazing new line of astrological romantic suspense novels in which the signs of the Zodiac determine the ultimate destinies.

SYDNEY OMARR, the internationally acclaimed astrologer, casts the horoscope for each heroine, to illuminate the interplay of human character and astrological influence.

Watch for your birth sign’s appearance in future editions of this star studded Ballentine series.

Written by John Kimbro. First edition Ballentine Gothic July 1976. Cover art George Ziel.

Wow, what a fantastic idea – a Zodiac Gothic series where the events are influenced by astrological birth signs. There is even an introduction where astrologer Sydney Omarr casts the chart for Marge Trotter, Twilights Return’s heroine, the last paragraph of which informs us –

“Yes, we have here a complicated, confused, talented, stubborn, loyal heroine. by September 1975, Marjorie finds peace through acheivement, is vindicated by faith displayed in her ‘murderer,’ solves a mystery, and obtains her father’s approval concerning love and family situations.”

The introduction alone is a story in itself!

This is the only Zodiac Gothic I possess and I haven’t got round to reading it yet. The other titles in this series are:

HOME TO THE NIGHT (Capricorn) by Julia Thatcher

THE WAITING EYES (Aquarius) by Evelyn Bond

TEMPLE OF DARKNESS (Pisces) by Marilyn Ross

FEAR STALKS THE BAYOU (Aries) by Juanita Coulson

MOORMIST (Taurus) by Georgina Ferrand

TEMPEST AT SUMMER’S END (Gemini) by Julia Thatcher

DRUMS OF DARKNESS (Leo) by Marion Zimmer Bradley

CAVE OF THE MOANING WIND (Virgo) by Jean DeWeese

INHERIT THE MIRAGE (Libra) By Julia Thatcher