Stone of Blood

Stones of Blood on the Showboat of Death!

The cause of Sarah’s tradgedy remained a mystery for over a century. The Indian chieftan’s daughter, callously betrayed by her husband, was found dead near the place where her present-day namesake, the showboat Indian Princess, lay at anchor.

But if time didn’t unlock the riddle of her death, it also failed to banish her presence from the boat. Lonely ghost-like moans filtered up from the lower decks…there was an outbreak of of unexplained accidents.

And then Lyssa Du Champ, the new star singer, discovered the terrifying truth about her predecessor’s “suicide” and the bloodstone ornaments sported by the sinister men who ran the show!

Bloodstone – The March Birthstone

Mossy green flecked with red, protects its owner against treachery.

Written by Juanita Coulson. Published by Beagle Books. First printing March 1975. Cover art Charles Gehm.

Continuing from my last post (on the theme of themed gothics) Stone of Blood is the third in a series of novels, published by Ballentine Books, whose stories are based on birthstones.

The titles in this series are listed as:

1. The Ghost and the Garnet by Marilyn Ross

2. The Amethyst Tears by Marilyn Ross

3. Stone of Blood by Juanita Coulson

4. Dark Diamond by Diana Tower

5. The Shadow Over Emerald Castle by Marilyn Ross

6. The Moonstone Spirit by Jean DeWeese

7. Blood Ruby by Jan Alexander

8. The Carnelian Cat by Jean DeWeese

9. A Gleam of Sapphire by Diana Tower

10. Opal Legacy by Fortune Kent

11. A Topaz For My Fair Lady by Jane Toombs

12. Turquoise Talisman by Sharon Wagner

The cover art is pretty stunning and there is a signature to the bottom right of the picture but I can’t for the life of me decipher it. (Oh yes I can, it’s Charles Gehm)