The Dark Shadows Book of Vampires and Werewolves

If this were an ordinary book, and we were ordinary mortal editors, we would take our leave of you now, dear readers, and commend you to the text without further comment beyond our injunction to enjoy yourselves. But since neither of these things is true we are compelled to beg your leave to continue a while longer, in order that we may impart to you a smattering of knowledge of the curse that is our lot to carry in our withered hearts….

– From the introduction by Barnabus and Quentin Collins.

Paperback Library Gothic, first printing August 1970.



The Vampire by John Polidori

Mrs Amworth by E.F Benson

Wolves Don’t Cry by Bruce Elliott

The Vampire of Croglin Grange by Augustus Hare

Men-Wolves (From the Polish)

For The Blood is The Life by F. Marion Crawford

Count Magnus by M.R James

The Vampire Legend by Lewis Spence

The Vampire Nemesis by “Dolly”

I wanted to end this month’s posts with a gothic about werewolves but couldn’t find one, so I’ve decided to make do with a couple of quickie stories from my trusty supply of Dark Shadows paperbacks instead.

Following on from the fabulously flowery introduction, Barnabas has the lion’s share of this anthology with seven of the nine stories featuring vampires. Of the two werewolf tales, Men-Wolves (From the Polish) is a mere four pages long and isn’t really a story as such, reading more like an extract from a textbook on werewolf folklore.

That leaves Wolves Don’t Cry by Bruce Elliott. This is an interesting twist on the werewolf legend. An enjoyable read, funny and touching at times, it follows the adventures of a wolf  in a zoo that wakes up to find itself transformed into a man and desperate to become wolf again.

A quick google reveals this story has also appeared in Rod Serling’s Triple W: Witches, Warlocks and Werewolves – an anthology edited by Twilight Zone’s Rod Serling and published by Bantam Books in 1963. Love that spooky cover, not sure what’s going on between the two gentlemen though…

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  1. i think Bernhardt J Hurwood ghost-edited the ‘Barnabus Collins’ book – i could never work out who ‘Dolly’ was, but my guess would be that’s him too. The second edition of Serling’s ‘Triple W’ features just about my favourite weird cover photo of all time!

    thanks for putting together such a gorgeous blog, sara!

    • Thanks for stopping by Demonik!
      I’ll look out for that cover. I guess I was sort of hoping Dolly might have been Jonathan Frid himself! Any idea who would have written the introduction? It’s fab.

      • sorry for delay! at risk of seeming like i’m blaming him for everything, i’m guessing Hurwood for the introduction too. It’s very much the style of his writing for ‘Monsters Galore’, one of several (excellent) anthologies he edited under his own name. He also wrote an ‘Interview With The Vampire’ rip-off, ‘By Blood Alone’ which … well, if we say it has less to recommend it than either the ‘Dark Shadows Book Of …’ or ‘Monsters Galore’ and leave it at that..

      • Well, I kind of like his style! Judging from the introduction of vampires & werewolves, it seems he has a very good insight into vampire angst!

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