Wuthering Heights

The ominous and brooding shadows of the Yorkshire moors set a dramatic background for the tragedy of WUTHERING HEIGHTS. It tells of the frustrated love of Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff. When Catherine marries another man, Heathcliff’s passion turns to revenge – an urge to destroy the people and the raw beauty of the places the two of them had enjoyed as children.

Emily Bronte’s only novel , a masterpiece, lays bare the full misery of a man and woman who can never be free to love one another and the ultimate destruction this brings.

Written by Emily Bronte. First published 1847. This edition published 1967 by Pan Books Ltd, second printing 1968. With an introduction by Elizabeth Jennings and notes by Phyllis Bentley. Also includes  a selection of Emily Bronte’s poems. Cover art John Raynes (Thanks Tim!).

Of course this book needs no introduction. I thought I would share this lovely edition I picked up last week at the Worthing Car Boot Fair for a £1.

I love this cover – those dark, brooding purples and turbulent brushstrokes really capture the spirit of the story. Check out more of artist John Raynes’ work over at the amazing Pan Paperback Books website. Just follow the artists link at the top of the page.

I’m reading this again for what must be the hundredth time and still loving it – the poems are an extra treat too. Five out of five stars.

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  1. You mention you can’t find an artists signature for the PAN X690 edition of Wuthering Heights – have a look at the bottom of the first page – I think you’ll find the answer. John is still with us and living in Falmouth.

    • Hi Tim
      Thanks for the info! I’m intrigued as I think my copy must be missing a couple of pages. There’s a title page followed by the introduction which is numbered as page 5. So my copy is missing page 1! Any further info you could send would be most appreciated! I really love this artwork, it’s one of my favourite covers.

      • Hi Sara,
        Glad to find you found it useful as I often just add comments especially about artists and yours is the first for a long time where I have had a reply so thanks for that. I have a website for those that appreciate the artwork of PAN Books and if you want to find out more about John Raynes whose name appears on the page you’ve not got, then go to http://www.tikit.net, click on the Artists link at the top and then John Raynes to see the other covers he did for this series. There were four more titles but they were painted by Pat Owen.
        All the best,

      • Thanks for the info Tim and what a great website! I love this artwork. The Wuthering Heights cover is one of my all time favourites and the Jane Eyre cover looks pretty amazing too, I’ve never seen that one before. Thanks again!

      • Hi Sara, Did you mean to send the same reply twice? Sounds like the sort of thing I do. Glad you like the site. Like yours I’m sure it starts off as a labour of love but can become a bit of an obsession (as my wife claims) but I really don’t know what she means! If you are interested in better scans of any of the titles I’ll be glad to send some as when I started the screen resolution was 640 by 480 and the scans were made to fit. Now with a much higher resolution they seem very small. Cheers, Tim

      • Hi Tim – yes sometimes two replies get emailed out – I’m not sure why / how but it can get confusing 🙂

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